“So when I’m on tour I represent the hardcore. I’m taggin’ up your blackbook sure, I’m out for the fame” – KRS-One

The Blackbook Autograffs are a collection of black sketchbooks that we would take to events we were vending at that would serve as our guestbooks. We laid the books out on our booth with some black Sharpies and people automatically gravitated toward them. It would give us time for us to converse with people better at our booth as they left their mark in our books. Some even came to visit just to tag up the book. Some would stay at length to complete some awesome pieces. While not everyone bought anything from us, we did get to meet a lot of good people just through the books, including some of our idols.

I picked up some black latex body paint from the sex shop and some Pilot Super Color Markers from the art store, for a quick shoot for Dannielle who was visiting Los Angeles at the time from Florida. This shoot celebrates not only our guestbooks but graffiti artists worldwide.

“Blackbook Autograffs” featuring Dannielle Michelle, photography by PhotoHuynh. Assistants: Kary Leigh and Swag Dave.