“The weather’s always warm so the women wear short clothes. Our beaches ain’t the cleanest but the (ahh) is the greenest” – Murs

Ice Cream Paint Job is our favorite cold summer treat enjoyed in the California sun along Venice Beach. The graffiti shots are of the Venice Beach Public Art Walls which are as much Los Angeles as the Hollywood sign.

“These historic walls were originally part of the Venice Pavilion that was built in 1961. The specific area where these walls are located was called “The Pit” or the “Graffiti Pit”. During this period the walls were often painted with graffiti style murals. It was technically illegal to paint the walls then, but was generally tolerated by the police andwas loved by the community. In 1999, the Pavilion was torn down but a portion of the walls were preserved as a living memorial to the high quality artwork that had been painted on the walls for over twenty-five years. In 2000, it became legal to paint the walls and the area was renamed the Venice Graffiti Walls. In 2007, the walls were renamed the Venice Public Art Walls or the Venice Art Walls for short.” - Venice Paparazzi (

“Ice Cream Paint Job” featuring Noemii J., photography by eRecto.