“Saturday sinners, Sunday morning at the feet of the Father. They need something to rely on. We get high on all types of drug when all you really need is love to get by. Just to get by. Just to get by, just to get by” – Talib Kweli

This was my first photoshoot collaboration with Noemii and the first I shot for SICK STAR. We took this in my bedroom on my iPhone 5 for a gritty noir feel. I feel that it is a perfect representation of SICK STAR’s “just the right amount of wrong” narrative. I’ve always been interested in the push and pull of opposites within us, the Yin & Yang, light & dark, bad & good, nice & naughty, the Sinner & the Saint, both sides of which we are but we have to balance at all times. This shoot was released as a t-shirt with a matching Saturday Night Sinners x Sunday Morning Saints hat and t-shirt with our flipped Mickey Mouse x Playboy logo.

“Saturday Night Sinners x Sunday Morning Saints” featuring Noemii J., photography by eRecto.