“I’m a travellin’ man, moving through places, space and time. Got a lot of things I got to do but God willing I’m coming back to you. Baby boo, I’m leaving” – Mos Def

It don’t matter where you’ve been, all that matters is where you’re at. The SICK STAR Pushpin hoodie celebrates our hometowns, places we’ve been over the past 10 years, and the places we’re going. Please keep your seats in the upright position with your tray tables up, and thanks for flying JetBlu.

One of my photography idols, Tyler Shields, said that “access” is what makes a great photo. Su Blu, 4 Dub Ent., and I went to Long Beach Airport to get some shots of our Pushpin travel hoodie. We were shooting from outside of the gates when a guy started yelling at us. We thought it was a restricted area and we were in trouble but he asked us if we wanted to take some photos with the planes. Of course, we jumped at the opportunity. 

“Pushpin” featuring Su Blu, photography by 4Dub Ent. Special Thanks to Aces High Aviation.