“Some got hopes and dreams. We got ways and means. The supreme dream team always up with the schemes. From hubcaps to selling raps, name your theme” – Pras

We had shot Sudana once before for our first ever shoot, our first lookbook. For Dream Team, our first themed photoshoot, Norm enlisted his good friend, Ellen Kwan, to art direct since she already knew Tracy and they all worked on a test shoot together a month prior. I’d have a vision and Ellen would set up the poses with the girls and I would fix all the details with the props. Genix’s clean photography was a perfect look for it all with Tracy and Sudana in the foreground and the business of everything else that fit the scene. We had found our formula with the team and their specialties and our special blend of Hip-Hop and sex. The Dream Team shoot set the tone for SICK STAR for years to come.

The idea for the shoot was initially to do a concept around “music & mayhem,” promoting SICK STAR Fam, 51FIFTY. Their name comes from the police code, 5150, for involuntary psychiatric hold, thus the yellow crime scene tape.

“SICK STAR Dream Team” featuring Sudana x Tracy Nova, photography by imagenix. Art Direction by Ellen Kwan.