“I am one with the Force; The Force is with me” – Chirrut Imwe

I hit up Natalia and saw if she was down to do something for Star Wars Day, as she was a huge fan. We borrowed some helmets from PhotoHuynh and left the costuming up to Natalia. I planned to use the boomboxes and cassettes in lieu of the lightsabers used in the film. We didn’t realize how popular the photo set was until I was being asked which characters we’d ben doing for the following year. SICK STAR Wars became an annual tradition with Natalia, Genix, and SICK STAR, showcasing Natalia’s costume design and our creativity injecting Hip-Hop inspiration with characters old and new.

“SICK STAR WARS” series featuring Natalia Marie, photography by imagenix. Wardrobe by Natalia Marie.