“Yeah, that’s my joy, love, strawberry shortcake. Leave me weak in the knees where I can’t even walk straight. That’s the reason I got two court dates” – Ghostface Killah

After exhausting flea markets and second hand stores, I scoured eBay to find unique boomboxes to shoot with and stumbled upon a seller from Seattle who was selling repurposed lunchboxes that were modified into speaker boxes. I ordered this original 80’s Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox installed with speakers and an amp, named, “Life Is Delicious.” I contaced the seller, Ryan, who handmade all of the pieces in his home and asked if he was down to collaborate. He ended up sending us another lunchbox, named “Tin-Man,” and a briefcase, the “Star-Buck,” which make appearances in some of our other shoots.

We took the Strawberry Shortcake theme of the lunchbox further and made the actual dish for some studio shots, even finding a pair of socks with the cartoon character for wardrobe.

“Life Is Delicious” featuring Sudana, photography by imagenix.