“Aiyyo The Platform, watch the Stormtroopers swarm. The Death Star’s more than the devilish dawn. It’s where Evil and The Force manifest their form. It’s no good without bad and no night without morn. It’s relativity, balance, stability. It’s creativity, talents, ability. Rakka shift the modes of the wizard and the warrior. Hip-Hop-up and move to strike like a lawyer” – Dilated Peoples

Before the Rebels’ Rogue One mission, life was good for Hip-Hop Trooper, spreading the good word and music of his culture with his Def Star Thumper boombox. We tag up the paradise beaches on the planet Scarif with Hip-Hop Trooper and Su Blu Trooper.

I had seen Hip-Hop Trooper over the years on various humor websites when we were doing our SICK STAR WARS photo sets and knew we had to collaborate with him. I later found out he moved to California from Atlanta so I approached him at Long Beach Comic Con one year to see if he’d be down to create with us. Stryder, the man under the mask is a real humble dude that uses his cosplay for a lot of charity work and can be found at various conventions throughout the year, blasting Def Star Thumper boomboxes.

“SICK STAR WARS: Hip-Hop Trooper” featuring Hip-Hop Trooper x Su Blu, photography by PhotoHuynh. Boomboxes by Lasonic.