Brain drop. Drop top…

Notes: In no particular order…

– You’re only in competition with yourself. The person that you think you’re in competition with couldn’t give a shit less about you because they’re too caught up in their own head worrying about their own shit. You overthink. You are your own worst enemy.

– We’re all just living at the highest level of self consciousness. Life is on the other side of comfortablity. No risk, no reward. / Know more, live more.

– Never compare yourself to any one else. We all have our own unique individual struggles.

– No one knows completely. We’re all trying to figure this shit out… even our parents. And when your parents start asking you for advice as peers, it’s the wildest shit ever.

– Always follow the music. Music is what connects people. Dance as often as you can. Dancing is the freest and truest form of expression there is. If you see a motherfucker dancing, you know they’re happy. Be happy as often as you can. Lee Ann Womack hopes you dance.

– What you’ve been searching for and waiting for has been right under your nose the whole fucking time or at least the beginnings of it. Be your own fucking hero, love is never far away, etc… Other people have done a whole lot more with a whole lot less. Take nothing for granted. Start now, right where you’re fucking at.

– If you find something good, grab hold of that motherfucker… don’t hold too tightly though. Great comes from good, but only if you nurture it. Great doesn’t appear out of nowhere, which some people are sitting around hoping falls into their laps and shit. The beauty is in the struggle, the journey. That’s where greatness is made. Water your garden.

– Know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em. Aight, so that shit that you thought was good, ain’t ever gonna be great… ‘cause that shit was never good in the first place. There’s no miracles happening here. You can turn water into Kool-Aid but you can’t turn water into wine. That piece of shit is, and always was a piece of shit even if you put a nice pretty bow on it. Maybe you were blind then, but when you come to, move the fuck on. Kenny Rogers knew.

– At the simplest, love is consistency. Consistency doesn’t mean stale or boring – it pertains to foundation and consistently growing a better relationship. It’s who has been and will always be there through the highs and the lows. Sure, you might have had one amazing time with someone or they were there for you at an important or memorable time in your life, but if they fail you time and time again, it’s you – not them, and it sure wasn’t love. People romance experiences and memories that they had with other people, constantly trying to relive them. Check it, your favorite restaurant is your favorite restaurant because they’re consistently good all across the board. And here you are going back to this other restaurant (your ex) over and fucking over and over again because you had an amazing meal your first time there but ever since you came back, the food is shit and they always have shit service but you’re trying to get that same feeling of the one time they got it right. Tell me if that makes fucking sense. Be romantic in the moment, not with the memories. Such is the difference between living in the now and living in the past. Live it, love it, and stop chasing old highs.  Love someone completely, not the idea or a memory of them.

– Find your purpose. YOUR fucking purpose, not a job serving someone else’s dream. That place of employment that you’re so loyal to will replace you in a heartbeat without thought. Find some shit to really live for. We weren’t put on this planet to just work and pay bills. If there is no growth, you might as well be dead. This goes for all aspects of your life. Hopefully your partner right now is thinking of a million and one ways to love you and you’re doing the same. If there’s no passion, it ain’t worth your fucking time. Too many people are living lives of mediocrity. Time is irreplaceable. Find the highest expression of your art and share it with the world.

– Never apologize for your art. Make your mistakes and own that shit. If you’re always trying your best, then it was what it was for that point in time, utilizing all the wisdom you had. For better or for worse, “Yea, fuck you. I made/did that. I’m proud of that motherfucker.” Blaming shit ain’t gonna help shit and is not going to help you move forward. Take fucking accountability and keep the shit movin’.

– Pay dues. Invest in yourself. Know your worth. Don’t let your mouth write a check that your ass can’t cash. Get money. Never settle for less. Fuck You, Pay Me.

– Always check the point of reference for advice, including taking this advice with a grain of salt. All good advice is autobiographical. All bad advice is pulled out of thin air with some hidden agenda and you’re fully trusting it just because you trust whoever the fuck is giving it. If you’re reading this, this is all just advice to my own damn self. I’m just trying to figure this shit out too. Take whatever from it that you can, hopefully something to do something and become something great.

– …do what you feel. Seek no validation. Jump out the plane and Geronimo that shit. Repeat. Life is about the experience. I can make this post, I can write you a whole fucking book, but I cannot and will not go out there and make your life better. That responsibility is upon yourself. Love yourself and make the change.

– Half assed work equals half assed results – at the gym, work, love, everything. You have to fully commit to get the most. You can’t steal home and keep your foot on third base. You can’t expect a relationship to fully bloom if you’re only half way in it. Unless if you’re wearing Sex Panther cologne, “60% of the time, it works every time,” shouldn’t cut it. You owe yourself things that are only 100%. Passion is the all or nothing, Ride or Die, not the ride till the wheels fall off.

– Balance. Yin / Yang. Time is life’s most precious commodity. Spend wisely. Find what matters most and make like Deadpool and put your maximum effort into those things. Trim the rest of the fat out. Everyone talks about the importance of work-life balance. Each sector of your life affects the other, full circle. The Butterfly Effect can send everything off the wrong way easily. If you’re passionate about it all, then everything is just slight work, like Wale says.

– Be good. Good begets good. Love begets love. Get some good. Get some love. Get that good lovin’.

– Stress begets stress. No amount of guilt can change the past. No amount of anxiety can change the future. You’re good. Chill, mamas. You can’t always control situations, but you can control how you feel about them. It’s the difference between a thermometer which tells the temperature, versus a thermostat which sets the temperature. Become a master of your emotions, become master of your universe.

– Life happens. The best times come from spontaneous moments. Don’t always go with the flow or you’ll end up somewhere else completely from where you thought you’d be. Be the flow.

– Sometimes the only difference between good, better, and best, is simply timing. Fight the good fight and play the long game. Instant gratification is fleeting – some things are worth the wait. The greatest things are timeless.

– Trust the timing of your life. Fate, destiny, coincidence, kismet, serendipity, “God’s Plan” by Drake – Question and doubt it as much as you want, but you’re exactly right where you need to be. Fate has a crazy way of always putting you in the right moment. But fate can only take you so far. Realize and keep your eyes open to the signs and act on it. Fate wants you to capitalize on the good so much that it’ll put it right in front of you, twice. There’s truth in the saying that if it was love then let it go, and if it was true, it’ll come back to you.* You only get so many second chances though. Carpe diem. Carpe noctem. Carpe vitam… If it doesn’t now, it’ll all make sense later. (*Life is funny too in that it’ll give you exactly what you ask for, if not better, but it’ll throw in a shit ton of distractions. Keep your eyes on the prize and don’t fuck it up. I believe in you.)

– Live fully. Pay it forward. Leave a legacy. Remember, you can’t take nothing with you… When I die, bury me inside the Louis store.